Time Zone question

Dodhiawala, Rajendra raj.dodhiawala at cacheflow.com
Tue Feb 15 21:41:31 UTC 2000

I have looked at various resources for Time Zone data and found your tzcode, tzdata files to be most
useful. Unfortunately, there is one piece of information I have not be able to locate on any of the
TimeZone-related resources on the Internet:

- What is a good way to display time such that TZ info is absolutely clear.

ISO 8601 falls short of this. For example, 
is insufficient because -08:00 is -07:00 in the summer and thus indistinguishable from Arizona which
also uses -07:00.

Adding the timezone makes sense, as in

Is there any standard for this or precedence on how this is handled in current (popular?) operating
systems. Any other pointers?

Finally, is there any program/script (for Linux, for example) that will display all the
abbreviations based on the rules in the zone.tab and continent files? Just the most recent
abbreviation will do. Such a program would eliminate errors when manually extracting zone

Appreciate your response,

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