FW: Time Zone question

Paul Eggert eggert at twinsun.com
Tue Feb 15 22:34:40 UTC 2000

   From:	Dodhiawala, Rajendra [SMTP:raj.dodhiawala at cacheflow.com]
   Sent:	Tuesday, February 15, 2000 4:42 PM

   - What is a good way to display time such that TZ info is absolutely clear.

I'd use the value of the TZ environment variable.

It might be helpful to canonicalize it, e.g. replace
'US/Pacific' with
'America/Los_Angeles', and replace
'CET-1CEST-2,M3.5.0/02:00,M10.5.0/03:00' with
'CET-1CEST,M3.5.0,M10.5.0/3', but that would take some work.

   Is there any standard for this or precedence on how this is handled
   in current (popular?) operating systems.

zdump -v outputs TZ's value.

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