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I have recently uploaded the PC program Time Zone Converter 1.5 (sincere
apologizes to several programs, and the web page, for using the same name, but I
did it before I knew of their existence!) to a number of software servers.

The program handles more than 2900 cities in the world - a vast effort to put in
place! At the moment I have confidence in the correctness of the data, but at
least the GMT offsets of the russian cities might have some mistakes.

I anyone would care to send me his or her opionion about the program, especially
about correctnes and completeness, functionality and manageability, and how you
like the program from a personal standpoint, I would appreciate it a lot. My
thanks goes to the tzdata people in general, and Paul Eggert, David Olson,
Steffen Thorsen and Oscar van Vlijmen in particular, since without their work on
publishing the latest time zone detective issues, this program would probably
never have been started. The main handling of time zone data is based on a text
file which however has been made with a keen eye on the tzdata file (e.g. it
doesn't use the tzdata file directly).

The program also has a sort of time calculator (Future Date) which makes it
possible to view dates in the past and in the future. You can see the daylight
saving start and end as well as the rule which governs it clicking on "Info"
with a particular entry selected. For each entry you can see if it has daylight
saving during the year, and if so, if the daylight saving is currently in use.

The program doesn't handle historical data. I should mention that the program
integrates advertising technology, and will occasionally make use of the
internet connection.

The home page where it can be downloaded from is
http://timezone50.homepage.com/index.html, and there is a small review of the
program (with 2 screen shots) on

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