proposed changes to tz for Israel, Lord Howe, web page, etc.

Antoine Leca Antoine.Leca at
Tue Feb 22 14:06:41 UTC 2000

Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> On Sat, 19 Feb 2000, Paul Eggert wrote:
> > The British Internet top level domains disagree with ISO 3166.  ISO
> > 3166 lists only "GB"; but the British Internet TLDs are .uk, .gg, .je,
> > .im, and .ac (for Ascension).  This is for historical reasons.  The
> > corresponding ISO 3166 codes are reserved for future use

Are some other codes reserved, like BB for Bassas-da-India? (of course, in
the case the pinguins ask for independance ;->)

BTW, Paul, the problem with EU is perhaps that it may be indirectly needed
by ISO 4217 (currencies), which include EUR for Euro, that departs for the
noraml scheme (2-letter ISO 3166 + 1-letter initial of the native currency name)

> Now I might wonder whether the ISO 3166 criteria for dependent
> territories are documented somewhere?

>From what I have seen of the behaviour of ISO working groups, I believe that
there is nothing except what is already written in the ISO 3166 serie of
standard, where there are some information about this topic, but I am unable
to sketch the easily.

BTW, does someone know if ISO 3166 text is or will be available online or for
a modest/reasonnable fee?


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