International date line

Oscar van Vlijmen o.van.vlijmen at
Sat Jan 1 20:47:22 UTC 2000

Wishing every reader the very best for this millennium, I would like to ask:

Does anybody know the exact geographical coordinates of the international
date line?

I have compiled from some of the better maps a very speculative list of
coordinates and I hope that somebody is able to correct this list.

90N 180W (North pole)
75N 180W
68N 168W
66N 168W
53N 170E
47N 180W
and now the Kiribati swing
2.5N 180W
0N 177W
0N 166.5W
3.3S 166.5W
3.3S 160W
2N 160W
and now diagonally to, or first via 2N 162W?
5N 162W
5N 154.5W
2.3N 152.25W
7S 149W
12S 149W
12S 157W
7S 157W
7S 178.5W
and following again the original line:
15.5S 172.25W
45S 172.25W
51S 180W
90S 180W (South pole)


Oscar van Vlijmen

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