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Alex LIVINGSTON alex at
Tue Jan 4 01:03:24 UTC 2000

At 00:05 +1100 1999-12-31, David Keegel wrote:
>] Manavendra Thakur said:
>] > I find it amazing that Cameron's Corner in Australia straddles three
>] > timezones.  (But probably this isn't news to anyone on this mailing list!)
>] It's news to me. I thought the zones formed three vertical stripes; I
>] didn't realize they touched.
>There is also a mostly horizontal divide into states which have
>DST (in the South) and those that don't (in the North/West).
>Cameron Corner borders on New South Wales (+1100, Australia/Sydney),
>South Australia (+1030, Australia/Adelaide) and Queensland (+1000,
>Australia/Brisbane, which doesn't have DST).

There are two other points in Australia where New Year's Eve can be
celebrated three times in one night. I'm pretty sure they also both have
names (someone's Corner) but I'm not sure of them. I haven't heard the
slightest whisper about them in the media, even here in Australia (though
lots about Cameron's corner), perhaps partly because not a soul lives near
them. One is where South Australia (+10:30 in summer), Northern Territory
(+09:30) and Queensland (+10:00) meet (Poeppel's Corner?), and the other is
exactly 9 degrees west of it where the third is Western Australia (+08:00)
instead of Queensland.

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