International Date Line, international waters

Law, Gwil Jr. Gwil_Law at
Wed Jan 5 13:52:51 UTC 2000

Oscar van Vlijmen wrote:

> [...] Gwillim Law noted:
>>An Anglo-French Conference on Time-Keeping at Sea (June, 1917) agreed that
>>legal time on the high seas would be zone time, i.e., the standard time at
>>the nearest meridian that is a multiple of fifteen degrees.

> [...] Theoretical timezones:
> Take [0;15W), [15;30W),..., [165;180W), [180E;165E),..., [15E;0E)
> Times in hours from UT. [ means including, ) means not including.
> 0-15E   +1 [...]

Minor correction:  what I was trying to express was that ships at sea should
use UTC between 7.5 degrees E and 7.5 degrees W, UTC+1 between 7.5 degrees E
and 22.5 degrees E, etc.

Gwillim Law

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