merge tzcode and tzdata?

Oscar van Vlijmen o.van.vlijmen at
Tue Jan 11 16:48:27 UTC 2000

About merging tzcode and tzdata, replying to an email from Arthur David Olson.

I think it is still useful to keep code and data separated. Some users like
me, have only interest in the data files because they do not compile the

This separation could go even further.
Why not separating the files Arts.htm, WWW.htm and the USNO files from the
code and putting them in the data archive? Aforementioned files are data
files, not strictly code-related files.

But, I would be very happy if you changed nothing at all, since I compare
automatically the former and the newest data and code archives with an
advanced word processor. If files with the same names are in the same
directories, the comparison is more efficient. However, a rigorous change
has only to take place once.

An even more useful suggestion would be to place the WWW.htm file in the
Why don't you advocate your/our work through a web page? Submit this page
to several search engines, I would suggest.
Please don't hire a web page builder who produces 17 frame panels, 123
picts, 3 flash animations and intricate JavaScript code that only runs on
the machine of the page builder.

Another point: why is the tzarchive so big? It contains all discussions
from the beginning till now. Isn't it more useful to make once a year an
archive with all contributions from the beginning till [the current year
minus one] plus a second archive with all contributions from the current

I think my suggestions will enhance the "user experience" and will not
greatly contribute to the needed server hard disk space or traffic.


Oscar van Vlijmen
# No, this is not some binary number, but the curent date a utility with a
"numerical date" function generated, meaning January 11th, 2000.

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