merge tzcode and tzdata?

Paul Hill phill at
Wed Jan 12 16:49:06 UTC 2000

Oscar van Vlijmen wrote:
> As soon as they encounter a xxx.htm or
> xxx.html file on a FTP-served site, they display the contents in a
> HTML-window.

But being able to directly download a large FTP file doesn't help a new user
understand where to start to find an explanation/overview of the contents
of, but just placing WWW.htm and an index.htm
in /pub would do the trick.
The index would be "This is page and
it contains the following files " (with one sentence or so per file with
a remark about real details can be found inside some of them).

Or just bullet list in WWW of _all_ file in /pub would probably solve the problem.

Some description all of /pub would be very useful. The WWW.htm could be left in 
/pub and referenced from this page.

> It is however a very good idea to maintain an up to date mirror of this
> page, for instance at

That is probably true.

Myriad Genetics:
Java FAQ: (Section 9, Computer Dating)

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