FW: Australia/Hobart and Australia/Tasmania

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Please copy Wei Huang as he is not on the tz distribution list.

According to the web page listed below, Tasmania has also
changed to a DST start in October.

Regarding Hobart, Wei Huang's email was received before the
2000a update was applied to the Converter on 1/19. Hobart now
reflects an October DST start in the database, but Hobart is
not listed as a separate item on the Australian web page.

Rich Shockney

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I like your Time Zone Converter at
"http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc" very much.

One puzzle: I just learned that Tasmania, Australia will also start DST
earlier than
usual this year just like New South Wales and Victoria, based on the
Government of
South Australia Web page
However, the two corresponding entries "Australia/Hobart" and "Australia/
Tasmania" in your Time Zone Converter haven't reflected that change yet.

Wei Huang

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