DST Australia & surroundings

Alex LIVINGSTON alex at agsm.edu.au
Sun Jan 23 22:56:20 UTC 2000

At 20:07 +0100 2000-01-22, Oscar van Vlijmen wrote:
>Indeed, a short but good overview of the daylight saving times in several
>parts of South Australia from 1999-2001:

To correct with the least possible change that would have to be "... parts
of southern Australia...", South Australia being merely a state more or
less in southern Australia.

>"South Australia Central - Information & Community"

The South Australian government seems magnamously and sensibly to have
provided information about DST for all of Australia (excluding outlying
Islands) presumably to avoid any doubt about its decision _not_ to join the
south-eastern States in an earlier-than-usual start to DST this year.

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