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I made a number of inquiries via e-mail to recipients in Lord Howe Island, and
got this response which seems to me to be authoritative. I don't know if anybody
can confirm this further. Certainly there exists a Lord Howe Island Board
determining issues on the island.

So the suggestion is to change the start time for Lord Howe Island to equal
Sydney and other NSW localities.


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Lord Howe Island summer time in 2000/2001 will commence on the same date as the
rest of NSW (i.e. 27/8/00). For your information the Lord Howe Island Board
(controlling authority for the Island) is seeking the community's views on
various options for summer time arrangements on the Island, e.g. advance clocks
by 1 full hour instead of only 30 minutes. Dependant on the wishes of residents
the Board may approach the NSW government to change the existing arrangements.
The starting date for summer time on the Island will however always coincide
with the rest of NSW.

I hope this helps.

James Lonergan
Lord Howe Island Board

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