FW: no DST time in Latvia

Andrei Ivanov Andrei.Ivanov at Realogic.lv
Mon Mar 6 18:42:02 UTC 2000

On Mon, 6 Mar 2000, Paul Eggert wrote:
>    This year Latvia will not switch to Daylight Savings Time (as specified
>    in The Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Rep. of Latvia of
>    29-Feb-2000 (#79).

I've heared that Ministers of three Baltic countries on their summit
somewhere in February decided not to switch to summer time starting from
this spring. In your latest 'europe' file this fact for Estonia is already
reflected (Europe/Tallinn).

Today I've got questions from my customers on how to not to switch to DST
under Solaris and RedHat Linux, so, preparing instructions for proper 
changes, I decided to check with "Latvijas Vestnesis", our official
newspaper. Few days ago, 02-Mar-2000, there were new Regulations
published, containing statement, that previous regulations, as of
21-Jan-1997, are repealed. The document (in Latvian only) is available
for subscribers at http://www.lv-laiks.lv/wwwraksti/2000/071072/vd4.htm

> Thanks very much for this info.  I'll include your change in my next
> proposed patch.  I assume it's OK to give you credit for reporting
> this, and to date the change Feb 29 (the date of Regulation #79); if

I think, your are right.

> not, please let me know.  I could not find a copy of the regulation on
> the Web, but I can't read Latvian so my search powers are limited.

See URL above (but the document is Latvian only, and not available for
general public w/out subscription :-()

> UTC+2 is the closest meridian to Riga, so this new regulation makes
> astronomical sense.  However, according to the tz database, until now
> Riga was at UTC+2 for the whole year from 1927 through 1939 only.


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