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The recent changes to abandon DST in the states Pernambuco and Roraima as of October 15, and Alagoas, Sergipe, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte, Ceará, Piauí and Maranhão as of October 21, will surely make necessary to invent new time zone items in the TZ database. But I suggest two more changes that are not directly generated from these events.

I checked out the pages mentioned by Steffen Thorsen and found a couple of pages that should be of interest

Brazil on Standard Time:

Brazil on Daylight Time:

Unfortunately these two pages have not been updated as per the last changes from and October 2000, but they reflect well how the situation was supposed to be before those dates.

Since the TZ database for Brazil has been elaborated per state, we have an obligation to document the exceptions from that. In the case of Amazonas we only have one entry "America/Manaus" on GMT-4.0 without DST, but according to the pages there is a region of the Amazonas State with GMT-5.0 without DST (like Acre or the "America/Porto_Acre" entry). The city information I have about this follows here:

GMT-4.0 without DST
@ Brazil - Amazonas East, Manaus,-3.10,-60.00
Fonte Boa,-2.53,-66.02
Bôca do Acre,-8.75,-67.38
Floriano Peixoto,-9.07,-67.42

GMT-5.0 without DST
@ Brazil - Amazonas West, Atalaia do Norte,-4.33,-70.20
Benjamin Constant,-4.37,-70.03

The format is
{@ Country/State} City, Latitude, Longitude

Therefore I suggest to put a second entry in the TZ database for Amazonas as "America/Atalaia_do_Norte" or something like that.


According to these official pages, Fernando do Noronha has been on DST for some while back (e.g. before October 15 where the status probably changed). This is as a contrast to other islands like Trindade and Martin Vaz, which have not been on DST according to the pages. This change to the status of Fernando do Noronha could well be linked with the change of status of the islands from being "self ruling" to be under the rule of state Pernambuco. I don't have information when these events should have happened, but the issue is worthwhile investigating.

The ironic thing is that at this point when I'm reporting that Fernando do Noronha has been on DST, it most probably is no longer on DST. This is because it now is under Pernambuco State rule, and since Pernambuco abandoned DST on October 15, probably the island did the same.

By the way the TZ database is mentioning Fernando do Noronha as "Fernando de Noronha". I believe it should be spelled with "do" instead of "de".


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I forgot one entry in my last mail:

Manoel Andrade <mandrade at> reported to me that some
states/territories in Brazil have stopped using DST, just about a
week after the DST period started.

Now looking at the official page :
It seems that Pernambuco and Roraima stopped using DST on 15 October at

Then, just one week later, Sergipe, Alagoas, Paraiba, Rio Grande do Norte,
Ceará, Piauí and Maranhão stopped using DST on 22 October at midnight.


Steffen Thorsen <steffen at> <steffent at>

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