week starts at Sunday or Monday??

Christoph Bugel cbugel at netvision.net.il
Sun Oct 1 08:08:56 UTC 2000

I've written a nice Date Time class library to get a grip on Daylight
Saving Time bugs. It is mostly a wrapper around the existing stuff from
#include <time.h>, but the idea is to force the user to forget about
those, and be forced to think what timezone he is talking about. (I have a
class TZone, which user MUST supply if he want to construct a date, or if
he want to break it down into readable fields). and also the idea is to
make clear what the isdst flag semantics are, etc.

I am putting the finishing touches, and I now decide on a few trivial
questions (which seem inportant anyhoow..) 
(1) I decided to have the MONTH and the WeekDay 1-based (in struct tm they
start at zero). I guess there are arguments for both, but I didn't like
the inconsistency between weekday (0-6) and monthday (1-31).
also, if month is (0-11) I have to add 1 before printing, because users
are definitely used to december as month 12, not month 11.

so my question is....
now that I decided that days are niumbere 1 to 7, 
what is day 1 ???
is it Sunday, or Monday?
what is the Right Thing to do?


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