week starts at Sunday or Monday??

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Numbering conventions are culturally bound ( at times independent of the
fact that the same numbering system is used (e.g. Arabic numerals). In
French language a building always has a "première étage", whether it is on
the "ground floor" or not

enjoy - Jake

P.S. A week can also start after the 1st tea on Monday.

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> Janis.Papanagnou at varetis.de wrote:
> > I've never heard about "the 0-st".
> > Enumerating starting with zero seems to have come in vogue with
> C, due to
> > the simpler address calculation (saves some micro seconds?).
> In case as computer programmers, anyone was wondering if starting with
> the "0th" is just anti-social and a break with tradition, I'd like to
> remind us all that there is precedence for starting with 0 in non-
> computer culture.
> 1. Street numbering in planned towns.
> Many towns in Canada and the USA, particularly those layed out in
> the 19th Century,
> are layed out in grids or at least with some sets of streets in parellel.
> The number of the streets almost never starts with 1, but nearly
> always has
> a "0th" street. A common name for this street is "Main", but there
> are many other examples (River, Front, State, Center, Railroad etc.)
> The streets are then numbered 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4rd etc.
> 2. Building Floor Numbering
> In many tall buildings (but not all), the floor which is at the
> level of the
> street is not numbered 1, but the first floor above the 'ground'
> floor is numbered 1.
> Numbering continues upward.
> Other examples that pre-date the C array convention exist,
> probably none of which
> had a direct influence on C arrays. Each of the examples, show
> that others have
> found uses for numbering things "Start" and "1" and "2".
> Have fun,
> -Paul
> p.s. Doesn't the week starts sometime after the 1st coffee on Monday.
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