week starts at Sunday or Monday??

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Tue Oct 3 00:22:18 UTC 2000

IF you use the Gregorian calendar, the first day of the week is Monday,
Sunday being the "sabbath" or day of rest = end of the week. Also the
Gregorian calendar, as in use, utilizes "midnight" as the time for change of
day. In the Hebraic calendar , using the Gregorian calendar as a reference,
the sabbath=last day or end of a week, starts with sunset Friday. Within
various Muslim calendars,using Gregorian calendar reference, the day of rest
=end of the week,can be Thursday, etc.

Best we stick with (1) Gregorian calendar referencing, (2) change of one day
to another occurs at midnight "tz" time,and 1st day of the week is Monday.

regards - Jake Knoppers

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> Christoph Bugel wrote:
> >
> > so my question is....
> > now that I decided that days are niumbere 1 to 7,
> > what is day 1 ???
> > is it Sunday, or Monday?
> Culturally dependent.
> > what is the Right Thing to do?
> Ask the user. In other words, to NOT bound this in the code
> you are writing.
> Antoine

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