week starts at Sunday or Monday??

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Wed Oct 4 12:40:19 UTC 2000

Rich Wales wrote:
> "Jake" wrote:
>     > "and on the seventh day, ye shall rest" for Gregorian
>     > calendar = Sunday, for Hebraic, Seventh Day Adventists
>     > (and others) = Saturday, etc.
> In the mainline Christian tradition, the day of worship was changed to
> the first day of the week in order to commemorate Jesus' resurrection.
> So, even though Sunday is the generally accepted Christian day of rest,
> it is still considered to be the first (not seventh) day of the week.
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For what it's worth, my vote for the best day numbering scheme

Sun = 0   (& 7)
Mon = 1
Tue = 2
Wed = 3
Thu = 4
Fri = 5
Sat = 6

This scheme ties in with Judaeo-Christian tradition without
placing too much emphasis on Sunday being day 1.

* Whilst this scheme does go against the grain of the Gregorian
calendarial system which has month and year counts beginning
with 1, not zero. This can be overcome by permitting Sunday to
be day number 7 instead of day 0. This is easily dealt with by
software. (e.g. with  "If WeekDay == 7 then WeekDay = 0") 

Ian Tragen
ian at page-1.com 

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