ISO 8601 assumption

MiRaGe at MiRaGe at
Fri Oct 6 07:41:35 UTC 2000

We could re-number the months 32 to 43, instead of 1 to 12.  
Today's date could be written 5-41-2000 or even 5/2000/41 etc. 

But seriously...How about preceding the month number with the
letter 'M'?  Today could be 5:M10:2000.

BTW - I always feel that a dash used in conjunction with a
number is just asking to be confused with a minus or negative

Ian Tragen
ian at

Jesper Nørgaard wrote:
> I even disagree about the assumption that yyyy-mm-dd is unambigous, because if the month number and the day-in-month number can be confused, they surely will according to Murphy's law, e.g. some people will create yyyy-dd-mm dates just as surely as they will create mm-dd-yyyy dates.

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