Kazakhstan Time Zones?

Marek Olszewski olszewski_marek at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 28 12:26:51 UTC 2000


I am working on a program that will display local times to locations right
on a map.

Anyway I have almost completed linking a database of 12000 locations with
time offset and DST rule data.  The only country left to do is Kazakhstan.
The problem is that I don't know whether or not there are two or three time
zones in Kazakhstan.

The tz database states that there are three, but when I look at the latest
CIA map
802700.pdf) I only see one tz boarder crossing the country.

If somebody could please tell me the actual number of time zones.  If the
number is indeed 3 time zones then I would really appreciate a map of some
sort so that I could place my Kazakhstan cities into the correct tz
according to their geographical position.

If no such map exists, perhaps a list of cities with time zone data exists
somewhere.  The locations in question are:

Alma Ata (Almaty)
Oral (Uralsk)
Zhambyl (Dzhambul)

Thank You,
Marek Olszewski

P.S. Please reply to the list and my email as I am not subscribed to your
mailing list.

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