TZ and DST changes for East Timor and Dominican Republic

Steffen Thorsen straen at
Sun Oct 29 23:37:33 UTC 2000

* East Timor seems to have changed time zone from GMT+8 to GMT+9, around
  the end of September.

* The Dominican Republic is now using the same time zone as Eastern US
  with DST during summer (EST/EDT).

detail information:

East Timor:

Charles C. Schlegel" <chucks at> reported this:

> I have just returned from East Timor, and have discovered that the UN
> Transitional Authority there has decided to change the time zone of
> the country.  I think it took effect at the end of September.  E.
> Timor time is now 2 hours ahead of Bangkok, not one hour as before.
> I don't know just who you could contact to get formal confirmation of
> this.  The political/administrative structure in E. Timor is still
> very much in a state of evolution.  The legal governing body at
> present is = the UN Transitional Authority for East Timor (UNTAET).

Dominican Republic:

Enrique Morales <emorales at> reported to me that the Dominican
Republic has changed the time zone to Eastern Standard Time as of Sunday
29 at 2 am. Some sort of "official" statement is available in Spanish

Use of to "translate" to English:

> Power Executive modified last night decree previous which the next
> Sunday 29 arranged to retard in one hour the clocks in all the country
> to 12:00 of the midnight, that now will be the same day but to 2:00 of
> the dawn, to avoid probable disadvantages in the services of
> telecommunications. 
> Decree 1011, emitted last night, arranges that
> the delay is from the 2:00 of the dawn of the same Sunday 29, instead
> of the 12:00 of the midnight of that same day, as it established the
> previous one, the 820-00, of the 25 of last September.  The new decree
> arranges in addition that the Sunday first of April of next year 2001,
> to 2:00 of the dawn, all the clocks are advanced in one hour.
[continues ...]

I have some other tz updates to report as well, I hope to have them ready

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