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Floriano floriano at ilhanet.com.br
Mon Oct 30 21:14:24 UTC 2000

Dear Friends,

PLEASE! As a new member of this listing, I think it's a little bit hard to understand how to use the TZ database, I tried to read all files, but I don't get the right information. Somebody could tell me about:

1. Is there some readme files explaining how to use the tz code and database?
2. Is there some demo program or tutorial about TZ ?
3. Is there another sites about the TZ database?

PLEASE! I really need to understand TZ. 
I know C language very well. 
I just couldn't figure out how to use TZ.
I would like to build a program that shows by country the TZ and DLS info. Somebody pick a country and some date, and the program will say if that time was in DLS and what TZ was that time.

Thanks in advance!

Floriano Caldeira
floriano at ilhanet.com.br

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