Fiji and Tonga has stopped using DST

Steffen Thorsen straen at
Tue Oct 31 21:37:46 UTC 2000

Risto Nykänen <ristonykanen at> has reported to me that both Tonga
and Fiji has stopped using DST.

I have tried to research this a little bit further, and found an official
statement about Fiji: 

> The interim government has decided not to introduce "daylight saving"
> this year.
> A spokesman for the Ministry of Labour said the decision follows
> strong opposition from some commercial enterprises and the Ministry of
> Education who were concerned about the disruptions caused to school
> children, especially during the examination periods.

> This means that as from Sunday 4th, November, there will be no change
> as normal standard time will keep on operating.

I have not found anything for Tonga, but it is actually no surprise if
they have stopped using DST, as the "first into year 2000" hype has ended.

Back in March I found a notice on the website
that Tonga changed back to standard time one month early, on March 19
instead of the original reported date April 16. Unfortunately, the article
is no longer available on the site, and I did not make a copy of the
text, and I have forgotten to report it here.
(Original URL was: )


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