(Cyprus), Nicosia is in Europe not Asia.

Gwillim Law gwil at mindspring.com
Tue Sep 12 20:10:48 UTC 2000

I wrote,

> ...  The
> Columbia Encyclopedia's article on Asia says, "The conventional boundary
> with Europe--which may be said geographically to be a peninsula of the
> Eurasian land mass--lies approximately along the Ural mts., the Ural
> and the Caspian Sea.  Thus defined, Asia, including Ceylon but excluding
> islands of Japan, ...".  I didn't find any reference books that place
> in Europe.

I'm sorry, my mind was wandering.  The Encyclopedia does say Ceylon, which
is irrelevant to the thread.  It doesn't mention Cyprus at all.  In the last
sentence, I meant to write Cyprus instead of Ceylon.

Yours,    Gwillim Law

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