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Oscar van Vlijmen o.van.vlijmen at
Sun Sep 17 10:45:09 UTC 2000

Why not using the Greenlandic place names in the Europe file?

Thule: Qaanaaq
Godthåb (or even worse: Godthab, yes I know, Posix 1.0): Nuuk
Scoresbysund: Ittoqqortoormiit

Source: e.g. "Postal codes in Greenland"
Danmark/København/Grønland/Færøerne" (

If one doesn't like those names as zone names, just add them as a comment
Especially Ittoqqortoormiit could be a bit problematic. Although this is the
official spelling as far as I can tell, I already found two other spellings,
one of them was an error (Ittoqqortoormiut) and another was probably the
wrong Inuit dialect (Itseqqortoormiit).

Oscar van Vlijmen

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