Defense for Ho Chi Minh

Jesper Nørgaard jnorgard at
Tue Sep 26 05:22:35 UTC 2000

Oscar van Vlijmen wrote:
* Vietnam: tzdata says: Saigon's official name is Thanh-Pho Ho Chi Minh. How
nice, but isn't the capital Ha Noi? The fact that probably more Americans
actually have been in Saigon should not play any role ;)

I believe that tz data has an (unstated?) policy of defining the default city of a country not necessarily to be the capital, but the city with the highest number of inhabitants, as in the concrete example where Ho Chi Minh city has around 3 million inhabitants, whereas the capital Hanoi (or Ha Noi) has only 1 million inhabitants. That probably also explains why there has been more Americans in Saigon ...


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