Alternative place names?

Gwillim Law gwil at
Wed Sep 27 20:40:06 UTC 2000

> > Gwillim Law / Do not change established names unless they become
ambiguous or
> >   shockingly incorrect.
> Yes, but established by whom?

When I said "established names", I was referring to the names that currently
exist in the tz archive.  They are "established" because people all over the
world have downloaded them, which, in turn, is the reason I would like to
avoid changing them.

> And what would you call shockingly incorrect?

"Shockingly incorrect" was intentionally left undefined.  The purpose of
that phrase is to allow the maintainers of the tz archive to decline to
change a zone name in most circumstances without doing a survey of world
literature to justify the decision.

Not that I expect my phrasing to be adopted verbatim, of course.  It's just
a suggestion.

Yours,    Gwillim Law

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