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Enough Dutch (Genoeg Holland's/Nederlandse taal). However,it is useful to
note that The Kingdom of the Netherlands has two capitals namely Amsterdam
and The Hague.I leave it to my Dutch colleagues to explain the how's and

regards- Jake Knoppers

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>  > Welkom en welkom gefeliciteerd in deez' wonderschone hoofdstad
> van ons land!
>  > Congratulations! You live in the real and formal capital of
> the Netherlands.
>  > The Dutch government has its seat in The Hague (Den Haag,
> 's-Gravenhage).
> Which makes it the capital by both the English meaning of the
> word (Webster)
> and the Dutch meaning of the word (van Dale).  Note that when I
> was at school
> we were taught that The Hague was the capital, while the only
> claim to fame
> of Amsterdam was that Kings and Queens would be crowned there.
> dik

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