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IERS Message No. 14                                         August 30, 2001

Fall AGU/Special Session:
Interaction between the Solid Earth and its Fluid Envelope:
Insights via Earth Rotation and Mass Redistribution Studies

Dear Colleagues:

We are convening a special session ( G05: Interaction between the Solid
Earth and its Fluid Envelope: Insights via Earth Rotation and Mass
Redistribution Studies ) at the Fall 2001 AGU meeting, December 10-14 in
San Francisco, as described below. We are soliciting papers on these

Please submit your abstract according to the instructions in the AGU
website and send me a courtesy copy. The deadlines
for abstract are August 31 for mail and September 6 for on-line
submittals. AGU allows only one first author contributing paper. Your
AGU membership number (or that of a sponsor) and payment of abstract fee
($50 for credit card and $60 for check) are required.

Thank you for your consideration.
Regards, Jean

Dr. Jean O. Dickey
Principal Member of the Technical Staff
Supervisor, Space Geodetic Science & Applications Group
Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech
Mail Stop 238-332
4800 Oak Grove Dr.
Pasadena, CA 91109-8099
Office: +1 818-354-3235
Fax:  818-393-6890
E-mail:  jean.o.dickey at

G05: Interaction between the Solid Earth and its Fluid Envelope:
Insights via Earth Rotation and Mass Redistribution Studies
 **** Joint with H (hydrology)
		 A (atmospheres)
		 OS (ocean sciences)
		 T (tectonophysics)
		 SIP (snow, ice, permafrost)
		 GP (geomagnetism)
		 DI (study of the Earth's Deep Interior)

 Index terms:
   1241 Rotational variations (geodesy)
   1223 Ocean/Earth/atmosphere interactions (geodesy)
   1213 Earth's interior-dynamics (geodesy)
   3300 Meteorology and atmospheric dynamics
   1655 Water cycles (global change & hydrology)

Jean O. Dickey, Olivier de Viron, Geoffrey Blewitt, and Benjamin F. Chao

The Earth is a dynamic system: it has a fluid, mobile atmosphere and
oceans, a continually changing distribution of ice, snow, and
groundwater, a fluid core undergoing hydromagnetic motion, a mantle
undergoing both thermal convection and rebound from glacial loading of
the last ice age, and mobile tectonic plates. Both the moment of inertia
changes and the motion affect a number of global geodynamical
quantities, including Universal Time, length-of-day, polar motion, and
nutation (collectively referred to as Earth Rotation or Earth
Orientation). Highly accurate observations of Earth Orientation provide
a unique and truly global measure of natural and man-made changes in the
atmosphere, oceans, and interior of the Earth on a broad variety of
timescales; in addition, mass redistribution within the Earth produces
variations in the Earth's gravitational field (including geocenter)
which can thus be used to better understand the processes that move mass
within the Earth, and on and above its surface. This session will
address the implications of Earth orientation variations, and mass
redistribution (including geocenter, loading, and time variable
gravity), particularly as they apply to the solid Earth, ocean and
hydrosphere, cryosphere, atmosphere and the interactions between the
various components of the Earth system. We welcome presentations on
prospects for improving our knowledge of mass redistribution from space
missions including GRACE (scheduled to launch in November 2001), and
presentations providing interdisciplinary insight on what such
measurements might imply for our understanding of the water cycle,
interactions between Earth's various spheres, and global climate change.
We encourage contributions on the latest models from the areas of mass
redistribution, including polar snow and ice models, continental-scale
hydrology, and models of mass transport in the oceans and atmosphere.


Jean O. Dickey
Mail-stop 238-331, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Oak Grove Drive, 4800,
91108 Pasadena, CA.;
e- mail: jean.o.dickey at;
phone: 818-354- 3235;
fax: 818-393-6890

Olivier de Viron
Royal Observatory of Belgium, 3 Avenue Circulaire. B-1180 Brussels,
email: o.deviron at;
phone: +32 2 373 03 12;
fax: +32 2 374 98 22

Geoffrey Blewitt
University of Nevada, Reno
Mail Stop 178
Reno Nevada 89557
Tel: 775-784-6691 x171
Fax: 775-784-1709
Email: gblewitt at

Benjamin F. Chao
Space Geodesy Branch, Code 926
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt Maryland 20771
Tel: 302-614-6104
Fax: 301-614-6099
Email: chao at

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