TZ-related changes in Draft 5 of the next POSIX standard

Jonathan Lennox lennox at
Tue Jan 9 17:26:23 UTC 2001

On Monday, January 8 2001, "Paul Eggert" wrote to "tz at" saying:

> * The following declarations are added to <time.h>:
>   char *asctime_r(const struct tm *restrict, char *restrict);
>   char *ctime_r(const time_t *, char *);
>   struct tm *localtime_r(const time_t *restrict, struct tm *restrict);
>   struct tm *gmtime_r(const time_t *restrict, struct tm *restrict);              struct tm *getdate(const char *);
>   char *strptime(const char *restrict, const char *restrict,
>     struct tm *restrict);
>   extern int daylight;
>   extern long timezone;

Is there any hope of their adding timegm() as well?

Jonathan Lennox
lennox at

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