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At 00:10 +0700 2001-01-12, Robert Elz wrote:
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>   | And it's not just because "S"
>   | stands for "standard" in the former case and "Summer" in the latter:
>   | it stands for "standard" in both cases! Sometimes I'm ashamed to be
>   | Australian.
>In Victoria at least, the S that is current now is "Summer".
>It comes from  the Summer Time act, which specifies that
>Eastern Summer Time is what it shall be called.  It doesn't
>actually specify the abbreviation (acronym) but it is a
>pretty obvious step...

In NSW, even though it is "summer" time, it is still legally also 
"standard" time! See

Nowhere in the act containing this are abbreviations defined.


PS: Robert, do you have any idea why your mail's time-stamp offset is 
given as "+0700"? Are you (or is your mail server) on Christmas 
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