New daylight saving period in Mexico

Alex LIVINGSTON alex at
Sat Jan 20 03:37:51 UTC 2001

At 14:54 -0500 2001-01-19, Gwillim Law wrote:
>Jesper Nørgaard Welen wrote:
>>  The decision is not yet taken, but according to these articles should be
>>  taken within 2-3 days:
>The days have gone by, so I checked for more recent information at the same
>Web site.  I found an article at
><> that says
>Mexico City, January 17, 2000 - The Energy Secretary, Ernesto Martens,
>announced that Summer Time will be reduced from seven to five months,
>starting this year.
>The measure, he said, is in response to the public demand to have one less
>hour of natural light during the mornings in the first and last month of
>summer time, in that the latter will begin on the first Sunday in May and
>will end on the last Sunday of September.

The public demand "one less hour of natural light during the 
mornings...", and what do they get? One _more_ hour of natural light 
during the mornings! (It's amazing how hard people find this to 

>This change in the period of application of summer time will entail a
>reduction of ten weeks in comparison to the original schedule, which
>envisioned setting the clock an hour ahead from April 1 to October 28.
>Beginning this year, Mexico will have Summer Time with a duration of 20

Not such a gross error, but the reduction will usually be only eight 
or nine weeks (nine this year and in 2003, ten next year, and eight 
in 2004), and the duration will be 21 weeks in six years out of 
seven, including this year.


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