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] Hi
] my company is an astrological computer service, and as you certainly
] know, astrologers are the only group of people for whom precise
] timezone information for any place, and any historical time is really
] essential.
] For example in Germany, there must be about 20 zones differentiated
] which have had a different timezoen history since the introduction
] of standard time.
] Th tz database has only a single zone info for Germany.
] For many other countries the same is true, e.g. for France, where
] there is a complicated historical pattern, especially during the
] years of the World War II and german occupation.

Please bear in mind the following extract from the "Theory" file :-
        If all the clocks in a country's region have agreed since 1970,
                don't bother to include more than one location
                even if subregions' clocks disagreed before 1970.
                Otherwise these tables would become annoyingly large.

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