Pictures of stone obelisk in Kew, London, UK

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Thu Jul 5 18:48:30 UTC 2001

Hi all,

In the europe file by Britain it states that:

'An old stone obelisk marking a forgotten terrestrial meridian stands beside the river at Kew. In the 18th century, before time and longitude was standardised by the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, scholars observed this stone and the movement of stars from Kew Observatory nearby. They made their calculations and set the time for the Horse Guards and Parliament, but now the stone is obscured by scrubwood and can only be seen by walking along the towpath within a few yards of it.'

On a recent visit to London I discovered this Obelisk by walking along the Thames towpath from Richmond and took some photos. We've stuck them on our website The building in the distance is the Old Royal Observatory in Kew.

The water in the picture is not the Thames but a small stream running adjacent to the main river.

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