proposed tz changes for Mongolia, Jan Mayen, Chagos, Indonesia, etc.

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Fri Jun 1 07:42:24 UTC 2001

A few comments on the proposed tz changes ...

Check out my free program World Time Explorer:

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Subject: 	proposed tz changes for Mongolia, Jan Mayen, Chagos, Indonesia, etc.

>Here are proposed changes to the tz code and data.  The most pressing
>ones are those for Mongolia, Jan Mayen, and Chagos, as the current UTC
>offsets are incorrect.  Also, these changes affect the current time
>zone abbreviations for Indonesia.

>* Jan Mayen observes Oslo time, not -01:00.  Also, add commentary about
> time in Svalbard and Jan Mayen since 1925.
> (Thanks to Steffen Thorsen for this.)
Actually I would have liked to take credit for that, at least the first part, but
I don't deny that Steffen is the expert (by birth, I presume) of norwegian
issues :-)

>* Southwest Borneo switched from +08:00 to +07:00 on 1988-01-01.
>  This entails a new zone 'Asia/Pontianak'.
>  (Thanks to Gwillim Law for this.)
Funny, I had it all along right under my nose without noticing it. I send a
screenshot from my program World Time Explorer which shows the region.
And the line down the middle of Borneo from Malaysia actually *is* a 
time zone border - I just hadn't realized it, since the line towards Malaysia
is a country border, not a time zone border. Can anyone confirm that
Palangkaray (with population 148,700 latitude -2.19 and longitude 113.82) 
is also on GMT+7 just like Pontianak, and that Bandjarmasin 
(with population 534,600 and latitude -3.34, longitude 114.57) is on 
GMT+8? The screenshot I send is BorneoSouthWest.gif. The map was
developed by Manifold, check out


>* Time Zone Converter has moved.

The new name will be World Time Explorer 1.6
further down on page
you can find 3 download buttons for this program, which has maps
included from which the graphic that I attach to the mail were taken.
Note that it's a beta version, mainly because I want to put some more
functionality into the program before releasing it officially, but also
because the help file is not up-to-date at all. But the existing functions
should work. Note that you can take a snapshot of world time from
all distinct time zones in Time Calculator.

And by the way, you need a Windows computer to use it ...

Jesper Nørgaard Welen
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