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Oscar van Vlijmen o.van.vlijmen at
Sun Jun 10 15:24:51 UTC 2001

I did some research among local Russian sites, like the Samaran government,
local newspapers and telephone companies such as MTS. I found no significant
additional information to what's on the PCL, USNO and other timezone maps.

I looked the places Jesper mentioned up in the big Times atlas. If you know
for sure in what oblast' they are in, a better guess can be made as to the
time zone they are in.

Balakovo, Engel's, Saratov are in the Saratovskaya oblast'.
Kamyshin, Volgograd, Volzhskiy are in the Volgogradskaya oblast'.
Astrakhan' is in the Astrakhanskaya oblast'.
Ul'yanovsk is in the Ul'yanovskaya oblast'.
Syzran' is in the Samarskaya oblast'.
(The ' is a real letter, the soft sign.)
(It is possible that an Astrakhanskaya oblast' cannot be found; look for
Kalmykiya-Khal'm Tangch, 'cos it's at the moment a republic.)

Putting oblast' information and timezone map information together:
The Volgogradskaya oblast' seems to be in the Moscow zone UTC+3.
The other oblasti mentioned here seem to be all in the UTC+4 zone.


Oscar van Vlijmen

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