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Carlos Alberto Barcenilla barce at frlp.utn.edu.ar
Sat Jun 23 20:36:33 UTC 2001

A last minute change aborted the time change! Please don't pay attention to my updates!
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Subject: New Time for Argentina

   Next week (24-jun-2001 0:00), Argentina is changin the time zone adopting the DST method. This time we are moving from the current standard time (GMT-3) to the geographical time zone (GMT-4 new and historical Standard Time). The new schema will be:
    1st Sunday of March: GMT-4 (Standard Time - WinterTime) ART
    1st Sunday of October: GMT-3 (DST - Summer Time) ARST
   I'm attaching the patched southamerica files I took form glibc.
   Hope you find it useful.

Carlos Barcenilla

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