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IERS Message No. 11                                           June 29, 2001

           Journees 2001 Systemes de Reference Spatio-Temporels

        "Influence of geophysics, time and space reference frames
                        on Earth rotation studies"

                 Brussels, Belgium, 24-26 September 2001


   The Journes 2001 Systemes de Reference (JSR) with the sub-title
"Influence of geophysics, time and space reference frames on Earth
rotation studies" will be organised in Brussels, Belgium, 24-26
September 2001, jointly by the Royal Observatory of Belgium, the
Institut d'Astronomie et de Geophysique G. Lemaitre from the Catholic
University of Louvain (UCL) and the Observatoire de Paris.

   The problems to be discussed in 2001 are related to various geophysical
effects on Earth rotation such as geophysical fluids, tides, oceanic and
atmospheric perturbations, as well as to the effects of time and space
reference frames, such as time transfer, realisation of time scales and
terrestrial and celestial frames. This also includes the problem of
sensitivity of the different techniques of observation of Earth
rotation. Earth rotation studies are also extended to other planets.

   The programme of the Journees 2001 will include the five following
sessions, half-a-day each; for each session one or two members of the
LOC are in charge of the local organisation; their names are given at
the end of the proposed sessions:

   Session I : Influence of geophysical and other effects on Earth's
   orientation; sensitivity of the observing systems (O. de Viron, P.

   Session II : Ephemeris and dynamical reference systems (F. Roosbeek).

   Session III : Time and time transfer (P. Defraigne, C. Bruyninx).

   Session IV : Local, regional and global terrestrial frames, station
   positions and their interpretation; influence of the geophysical fluids,
   tidal, ocean and atmospheric effects (C. Bruyninx, R. Warnant).

   Session V : Geodesy and rotation of the other planets (T. Van Hoolst,
   V. Dehant).

   At this occasion the G. Lemaitre Prize, of the University of Louvain la
Neuve, will be awarded to a geophysicist; a special session will be
organised in Louvain on September 25, around 5 p.m. (lecture by the
winner and JSR evening dinner).

   After the end of the Journees, i.e. either Wednesday (September 26) 
afternoon or Thursday morning, a Directing Board Meeting of the
International Earth Rotation Service (IERS) will be held.

Scientific Committee

Brzezinski, Aleksander, Poland        alek at
Capitaine, Nicole, France             capitain at
Dehant, Veronique (Chair), Belgium    veronique.dehant at
Soffel, Michael, Germany              soffel at
Vondrak, Jan, Czech Rep.              vondrak at
Yatskiv, Yaroslav, Ukrainia           yatskiv at

All correspondences should be addressed to

- Fax: 32-2-374.98.22 at the attention of P. Paquet

- e-mail: Paul.Paquet at

- regular mail: P. Paquet, Observatoire Royal de Belgique,
                avenue Circulaire 3, 1180 Bruxelles, Belgium

More information, including
- members of the Local Organising Committee
- pre-registration form
- list of hotels
- transport
- nomination for the Georges Lemaitre International Prize
is available at	

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