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Tue May 15 22:20:10 UTC 2001

Reasonably reliable information about the administrative regions in Mongolia
can be found on the web site of the National Statistical Office of Mongolia:


The spelling of the places on the Mongolian web site is not extremely
consistent (e.g. Zavkhan and Zavhan). The Times atlas uses a spelling which
is more consistent with the Mongolian-Cyrillic names (Dzavhan). Of course,
names with ö and ü have to be Posixified, for instance by dropping the

At the moment, still no better time zone information can be found on-line
than on the web page:
as referred to by Jesper Nørgard and saying:
"Most of Mongolia is 8 hours ahead of GMT. However, the three western aimags
of Khovd, Uvs and Bayan Ulgii are GMT+7. Mongolia no longer puts forward its
clocks by 1 hour in the summer months."
Khovd is spelled by the Times atlas as Hovd and Bayan Ulgii as Bayan-Ölgiy.
Uvs is 'correct'.


Oscar van Vlijmen

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