proposed tz changes for Mongolia, Jan Mayen, Chagos, Indonesia, etc.

Andrew Brown atatat at
Thu May 31 15:34:42 UTC 2001

>Here are proposed changes to the tz code and data.  The most pressing
>ones are those for Mongolia, Jan Mayen, and Chagos, as the current UTC
>offsets are incorrect.  Also, these changes affect the current time
>zone abbreviations for Indonesia.
>The other changes cover historical data, minor porting glitches for
>the code, and the web page describing tz.
>As usual, thanks to everyone who wrote in; it couldn't be done without you!
>Code changes
>* Add support for non-POSIX systems that lack sys/stat.h.
>* Add instructions for OSF1 V5.0 cc (which mishandles 'const').

i just realized that i never sent in the change i made in netbsd.  it
was discovered that setting the TZ environment variable to the empty
string and then calling ctime() would cause a core dump (either via a
bus error or a segmentation fault) on some architectures.  the
attached patch eliminated the problem.

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--- localtime.c-orig	Thu Mar 29 08:29:54 2001
+++ localtime.c	Thu May 31 11:33:13 2001
@@ -976,6 +976,8 @@ tzset P((void))
 		lclptr->leapcnt = 0;		/* so, we're off a little */
 		lclptr->timecnt = 0;
+		lclptr->typecnt = 0;
+		lclptr->ttis[0].tt_isdst = 0;
 		lclptr->ttis[0].tt_gmtoff = 0;
 		lclptr->ttis[0].tt_abbrind = 0;
 		(void) strcpy(lclptr->chars, gmt);

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