Possible tiny bug in tzcode

Damon Chaplin damon at ximian.com
Mon Oct 15 22:20:36 UTC 2001

While testing my iCalendar timezone code against mktime/localtime I
think I found a tiny error. (This is on RedHat Linux 7.1, with

In Asia/Bishkek, when converting 11 Apr 1992 18:30:00 UTC into local
time it outputs 'Sun Apr 12 00:30:00 1992'. (Any UTC time between 18:00
and 19:00 seems to be incorrect.)

But clocks go forward at 0:00 local time by 1 hour, so I don't think
that time should exist. (I may have missed something, though. This
timezone stuff does get a bit too confusing!)

I've attached a little test program.


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