reading time zone information

qmk qmk at
Sat Oct 20 13:41:39 UTC 2001

Hi There

I need to obtain the current time zone information (including DST 
start/end dates) for about 6 cities, so I downloaded your comprehensive 
database.  However, I'm having difficulty understanding the format.

I was wondering if the database comes in a simple text file format that 
can be easily understood.  For example, a list of city names, and for 
each city, the following information (only the current information, I 
don't need historical information):

* UTC difference (for example, plus 10 hours)
* DST difference (plus 1 hour)
* DST starting day (for example, second Sunday in January at 2am)
* DST ending day (in standard local time)

That would be really helpful.

Alternatively, if it's not too much trouble, could I give you the city 
names and you could tell me the above info for each city?  I tried to 
read the text files myself but I can't understand it.  Even if I get what 
I think is the correct DST start/end dates, I have no idea whether I've 
read it correctly because the format is too complicated.



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