Question concerning Daylight Saving Time in the Bahamas

John Griswold john.gris at
Sun Jun 23 01:08:31 UTC 2002

   I have been reading the Daylight Saving Time tables (at that are
on the internet and saw your email address.  I am doing some
research on the Bahamas.  Am I correct in my reading of the tables for
North America that the Bahamas were not observing Daylight Saving Time
in 1959?  It seems that the table is saying that the Bahamas did not
observe it until 1964.
    Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
I have also sent this message to Paul Eggert, but I don't know if he
is still working on this Daylight Saving Time table project.

Thank you,
  John Griswold

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