DST in Mexico & Paraguay question

Jesper Nørgaard jnorgard at Prodigy.Net.mx
Wed Mar 6 08:39:46 UTC 2002

I hadn't seen any news about the pending decision of Congress in Mexico
whether to apply DST in Mexico during 2002. As you may remember from earlier
e-mails from me, both president Vicente Fox and rebellion mayor of capital Mexico City
Andrés Manuel López Obrador had both lost their rights to impose DST rules upon 
Mexico locally or globally in court decisions, the court deciding that only Congress of 
Mexico could take such decisions.

However, consulting my local grocery store(!) and my coworkers, they all insisted
that a new decision had been made to reinstate US style DST in Mexico, e.g. of
7 months instead of the 5 months as in 2001. Consulting the pages of the government
site http://www.conae.gob.mx/ahorro/horaver2001_m1_2002.html
confirms this. Sonora as usual is the only state where DST is not applied, matching
the way things are on the US side of the border in Arizona. Everything else is status
quo compared to 2001 except that DST starts First Sunday of April at 2:00 and ends
First Sunday of October at 2:00 (local times).

The decree is actually issued by the president Vicente Fox, but stating that "the
honorable Congress of the (ed:mexican republic) Union has bestown upon me to
publicise the following decree" e.g. the decision was taken by the Congress, not
by the president.

Concerning the last notification from Rives McDow that Paraguay is changing their
DST rules, I presume that this means that Asunción is still on DST until April 7
at 0:00 (local time)? E.g. the decree no. 16350 took effect immediately instead of 
just modifying the new DST period in Paraguay from September 2002 to April 2003?

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