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Mariano Absatz baby at baby.com.ar
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> Subject: Tonga Daylight Savings Time ENDS...
> Hi,
> I'm a system administrator in a country that thinks it's funny to
> constantly play around with the time.  To keep the story short, Tonga
Hi Pulu... welcome to the club :-P

Tonga's government is not alone in the world changing DSTs... there are a 
bunch of them (including mine in Argentina) that every now and then go crazy 
about it... Brasil changed the date this year because of a second round in 
the elections... you're not alone :-)

> decided to create daylight savings time to get a jump on everyone for the
> new millenium.  The law was for 3 years, supposedly to get renewed.  It
> wasn't.  Unfortunately, a good number of the systems I maintain (Debian
> Linux and OpenBSD) would like to believe the government here is reasonable
> and doesn't play around with stuff like this.  Ha!
Distros are usually somehow behind elsie... the most current files are 
allways at ftp://elsie.nci.nih.gov/pub/ as tzdata*.tar.gz...

> Anyway, when they implemented daylight savings it took me a few hours to
> find the zone files and recompile them, and I don't think the changes were
> officially reflected (at least in Debian) for about a year.  I don't
> really know where else to report this, but considering the vast amount of
> history that's already available in the data files, I hope this mailing
> list will work.
> I've modified the australasia file from the data file as below.  I'm not a
> zic expert so I hope it's appropriate.  It fixed the issue here, anyway.
> Also, in the compiled file that was pre-existing on this system (Debian
> 3.0), the file for Tongatapu had a bunch of junk in it, basically a help
> file for vi and some other binary data after the zoneinfo...  I don't know
> if it's a debian thing or not, I'm not near the openbsd machines to take a
> look at them... Just FYI...

Surely Paul Eggert will have a saying about your data.

> If this file is going to explode on me at some later date, I'd really
> appreciate if someone could write back and let me know.  Some of my

Keeping in touch with this list is allways a good idea, and providing local 
info about DST in the countries you know about, better yet, you provide help 
for the rest of us...

> customers rely on this information to do some dialup internet/mail stuff,
> and explaining they ought to complain to the government doesn't work
> because most of them are the government.

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