Brazil and summer time

Pablo Borges pablo.borges at
Thu Oct 16 04:32:53 UTC 2003


I work at (a major brazilian ISP) and I experience problems
with our "messy" summer time decree's.

So this year we made the following changes to your's southamerica Rules:

Rule    Brazil  2003    max     -       Oct     Sun>=8   0:00   1:00   


Rule    Brazil  2003    only     -       Oct     15   0:00   1:00    S

This avoids to *major* problems. 

The first, when we set up a 'max' rule, this rule is valid to every year
after, so, when the government delays the decree, we happen to see all
our machines entering the 'summer time' way before the correct date.

The second, the decree says February 15th, and not the first sunday
after February 8th, as says your rule.

I hope this helps. 

Pablo Borges
UOL sysadmin


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