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Jesper Norgaard Welen jnorgard at
Fri Oct 17 07:15:35 UTC 2003

Recently there was an incident in the Gaza Strip, where 3 american
soldiers were killed. This might or might not interest you, but it so
happens that an article about the incident casts doubt on when the Gaza
Strip leaves Daylight Saving. As far as I can tell we haven't received
any new information about DST in Occupied Palestinian Territory since

The article is

"Bomb Kills 3 Americans In Gaza Strip 
Guards Were Escorting U.S. Diplomatic Convoy 
By Molly Moore and John Ward Anderson
Washington Post Foreign Service
Thursday, October 16, 2003; Page A01 


The attack occurred at about 10:15 a.m. (4:15 a.m. EDT) Wednesday, five
hours after the United States vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution
that would have condemned Israel for building a controversial fence
around the West Bank, and as Israeli soldiers in the southern Gaza Strip
continued a six-day-old operation to destroy cross-border tunnels. Eight
Palestinians have been killed and more than 230 homes have been
destroyed or severely damaged in that operation."

Here is WTE output for the time 4.15 am EDT:

When it is 4.15.00 am Wednesday 15. Oct 2003 -0400 EDT
in USA - District of Columbia, Washington DC (GMT-5.0) ® - Daylight
Saving is active
then it is 11.15.00 am Wednesday 15. Oct 2003 +0300 EEST
in Palestine (Gaza area), Gaza (GMT+2.0) ® - Daylight Saving is active
DST start : 12.00.00 am Friday 18. Apr 2003 +0200 EET
DST end   : 12.00.00 am Friday 17. Oct 2003 +0300 EEST

So the time was supposed to have been 11:15 am, not 10.15 am. Of course
this is not a water-tight proof that the TZ database is wrong, but at
least an indication that is worth investigating. Can anyone come up with
more authoritative information about this?

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