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Dear list,

First of all, I would like to apologize for the confusion I might have 
caused with my previous emails. The corrections for the brazilian rules 
and zones I sent where already included in tzdata. I hope this haven't 
created any problems.

Now I send another set of corrections for the brazilian tz data. I have 
just finished a full review of its rules and zoneinfo from the decrees 
list at the Brazilian National Observatory (main source of time info in 
Brazil, the same source already used by previous authors) with the 
following  problems identified and corrected:

1. The effects of decrees 52700 (1963-10-18) and 53071 (1963-12-03) 
weren't correctly represented by the data as what they really have done 
was to make a set of states start DST at 1963-10-23 00:00 and the rest 
of the country to start DST at 1963-12-09 00:00.

Fix: change the rule and all affected zones (almost all of them). Also 
had to create a new Brasilia zone to acomodate the diferences between 
Sao_Paulo zone and Goias (GO), Distrito Federal (DF), Parana (PR), Santa 
Catarina (SC), Rio Grande do Sul (RS).

2. The starting time of DST for 1966 was wrong as the 57843 decree 
stablishes that DST shall begin at 1966-03-01 01:00 and on 1st of March 
00:00 from 1967 and on.

Fix: new rule for DST start at 1966.

3. Decree 1252 (1994-09-22) defines that the previous states minus AM 
_AND_ MT states would have DST during 1994/1995 summer. The author of 
the previous comment probably relied on the Brazilian National 
Observatory resume of the decree - which is wrong - and not on the 
actual decree itself (also available at the Brazilian National 
Observatory site).

Fix: America/Cuiaba zone fix.

4. Fernando de Noronha island had wrong timezone info as it should 
include all DSTs for the Pernambuco state after 1988 as Fernando de 
Noronha island became part of the Pernambuco state after the brazilian 
contitution of 1988. If someone has any doubt about it, please check 
decree 96676 (pre 1988) which clearly includes Pernambuco state, 
Fernando de Noronha and Atlantic islands. Compare with decree 98077 (pos 
1988) which clearly includes Pernambuco state and Atlantic islands 
(doesn't mention Fernando de Noronha because it already mentioned 

Fix: Include all DSTs for Pernambuco after 1988 and create new zone 
Atol_das_Rocas for the atlantic islands. Maybe this new zone should be 
called Brazilian_Atlantic_Islands? Too long?

5. America/Sao_Paulo zone had a DST during the whole 1964. I can't see 
where it came from. There is no decree mentioning it.

Fix: Remove it spurious zone info.

The patch I am including here is based on the data available at 
ftp://elsie.nci.nih.gov/pub/ dated 10/06/2003 01:41:00 PM.

If someone has any comments on these changes, please send a copy to my 
personal email as I not sure if I am already subscribed to this list.

Thanks in advance for your attention,

Rodrigo Severo

Rodrigo Severo
Fábrica de Idéias
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