FW: Wrong offset for Mongolia

Bill Bonnett feedback at abdicate.net
Mon Oct 20 18:20:54 UTC 2003

I contacted the U.S. Embassy in Ulaanbaatar and they stated that there are
only two time zones, Ulaanbaatar's zone and the 3 western providences being
1 hour behind Ulaanbaatar and that they do follow day light savings time,
which ended October 1st, 2003.


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> The tz database states +9 for Mongolia, but +8 is correct:
> http://www.mongoliatourism.gov.mn/fackpack.html

Thanks for the reference.  The current tz database currently claims that
Mongolia has 3 time zones: Asia/Hovd at +7, Asia/Ulaanbaatar at
+8, and Asia/Choibalsan at +9, with no DST.  This doesn't contradict
the URL that you cite, though it does have an additional claim that the far
east is a separate time zone.

Reliable time zone information about Mongolia is a bit hard to come by.  I
suspect this is partly due to the fact that Mongolia is traditionally
nomadic, and that there is understandably a laissez-faire attitude about how
one sets one's clock.

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