Question about Enewetak

Oscar van Vlijmen ovv at
Sat Sep 20 18:19:21 UTC 2003

>> The tz-database says UT-12 until 1993 Aug. 20, UT+12 since then, with a
>> little complication for the period Oct. 1969 - Aug. 20 1993.
> As far as I know, that complication applies only to Kwajalein, and the
> rest of the Marshall Islands have been at UTC+12 since October 1969.

You're right I guess. So, since Oct. 1969 the Marshall Islands are on UT+12,
except for Kwajalein, which was on UT-12 until Aug. 20 1993.
It is probably safe to say that Enewetak was since Oct. 1969 on UT+12.
The Kwajalein exception is probably due to the fact that the US military
base on Kwajalein preferred a more manageable time scheme.

Oscar van Vlijmen

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